Expat Assistance

Living in a foreign country is exciting but it can also be challenging for expats, newcomers and their families in The Hague to find the right services. It sometimes can be too much to deal with. Expat Assistance The Hague offers an all-round assistance service to expats to help them deal with Dutch service providers, the educational system, administration, authorities etc. The services are tailored to your needs. All requests can therefore be discussed.  We are at your service even for short assignments so please don't hesitate to contact us. 

If you want to read more about the different kinds of assistance that we offer, please have a look at the testimonial page

Do you need assistance with

  • Interactions with public and social services?
  • Finding the proper information about public and social services?
  • Finding the proper professional?
  • Understanding the Dutch educational system?
  • Finding a school or dealing with schools (public or private)? 
  • Problems that you are having with the school of your child?
  • Problems that  you are having with  a service provider (contractor, phonecompany etc.) or your landlord?
  • Difficulties that you are having with your neighbour regarding your Vve?
  •  Interactions or phonecalls with Dutch Administration, City Hall or companies?
  • Sorting out (Dutch) paperwork or other forms?
  • Help with understanding and translating Dutch letters?
  • Writting letters in Dutch?
  • Solving a dispute and need a mediator?
  • Setting up appointments at the City Hall?
  • Registering for DigiD?
  • Necessary information on health services?
  • Finding out what the direct neighborhood has to offer?
  • Dealing with Centrum Jeugd en Gezin (CJG) (children's vaccinations and checkups)?
  • Parenting support or parenting advice?
  • Your child that experience a hard time adjusting to school and other activities?
  • Finding a daycare, tutor, after school activity etc. for your child?
  • Finding a  short term rental?