Parenting Support

Do you need advice or parenting support? Do you need advice for your child who deals with problems adapting to life in The Hague? Is your son or daughter unhappy but reluctant to tell you what's going on and you need advice  in how to handle this?
Do you  have problems with the school of your child and need advice in how to deal with this? Do you need advice  regarding your child that experience a hard time adjusting to school and other activities? Expat Assistance The Hague believes in a preventive approach rather than immediately involving a school social worker. 


With 16 years of experience in assisting parents, offering parenting support and working in close collaboration with schools in The Hague,  Expat Assistance The Hague offers guidance that is based on the parents and children’s strengths as we believe it is important to approach the issue positively.


First, an interview will be held with the parents. Based on the objectives set with the parents, easily accesable help will be offered. Because parenting support is not standardised assistance, each request for help requires a tailor-made approach. If you need more information about the assistance we offer, please contact us. 

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