I just moved to The Hague with my family. We had some issue with the school of our kids. Some friend suggested me to contact Nadia's agency and I did it. Nadia understood the situation immediately and was able to recommend the best steps to take to solve the issue. I followed her suggestions and now the issue is completely gone. It seems to me that she has the experience to do the things in the right way and to take care of her customers at a top level. I feel I am lucky to have her as adviser for different kinds of situations here in The Hague.

Tommaso, The Hague


It has been a great experience with Nadia who exceeded my expectations by far. It was very important for me as an expat that the basics like finding an adequate school are solved in a best and fastest possible way. Nadia has for sure supported me with that and provided the best information and assistance promptly. We both do think all the best about you, your work and assistance that we feel overcomes formal ways of assistance usually provided. Thank you once again!

 Arijana, Bosnie and Herzegovina


I am an expat ZZP-er with a rudimentary command of the Dutch language. I contacted Nadia because I was having a problem with an online registry company who had claimed that I had agreed to purchase their services due to a very confusing and incomprehensible (to me) phone call. Any of my attempts to understand the basis of their claim or to refute it were unsuccessful, as they would only communicate in Dutch, and would not accept mail at their postal address. They sent several bills, which I was unable to challenge as I could not effectively reach them or communicate with them, and eventually turned my file over to a collection agency. This was very worrying and I was almost at the point of paying them even though I considered it extortion, simply to make the issue go away. It was at this point that I wrote to Nadia. We had one brief meeting and she understood the problem immediately and went straight to work. Within one day she had resolved the issue and convinced this company to dissolve the claim and close the file. The calls and bills have stopped, and I did not have to pay them a single Euro. I cannot thank Nadia enough, and I would unreservedly recommend Expat Assistance The Hague to anybody who needs help navigating life here.  

Susan, The Hague


We are a British/German couple living in The Hague, and recently wanted to do some work in our garden that involved getting a permit from the Gemeente/council. We had very little trouble in finding a garden contractor for the work (a large reputable company in our area)  – but then for months on end had big trouble getting any updates out of him, or actually even getting in touch with him. We became very worried, and at this point decided to use Nadia’s services. When we met Nadia for the first time we had a very good impression of somebody who understood the problem, understood our objective and was capable and trustworthy to act on our behalf – but we were also cautious because at this stage every professional is trying to make a good impression of course. (As had been the case with our turned-sour-garden-contractor!) 

Nadia immediately took action with the contractor, and the Gemeente – and kept us informed through very clear reports, which also showed her grasp of the issues at hand and her initiative in finding the best solution. It became apparent that the contractor had done a very poor job with the permit request and the situation became very thorny and unpleasant. At one point we were very angry with the contractor, and were even more grateful that Nadia was there as the rational buffer that helped us interact with all parties involved – and also helped cover bases which we did not spot at first, as we were emotionally involved.

In the end Nadia solved the situation for us in the best possible way, avoiding a potential legal action as well and settling the dispute through UN-worthy diplomacy, tenacity and astuteness – whilst always keeping us informed and asking for our agreement if she was to take new steps that had not yet been discussed. We can wholeheartedly say that our first impression was at the height of the service she later on delivered, and recommend her without any doubt. Oh, I almost forgot: she is a very nice person, too!

Katrin and Jon, The Hague


I used Nadia's services because we needed a tutor for one of our children who was having difficulties in Dutch. Within two days she found a wonderful Dutch teacher with lots of experience in teaching children who are not native Dutch speakers. In my opinion it would have taken me months to find a teacher with similar qualifications. Nadia is extremely professional, reliable, quick and trustworthy. 

I really highly recommend her. She was a great and valuable help to us.

Many, many thanks, Nadia!

Joseph, The Hague 


My family and I were planning on moving to Den Haag and were looking for helpful information considering areas & schools. It is easy nowadays to find loads of info on the internet and there are helpful groups in Den Haag as well for expat families. However, we were looking to narrow down our options, inside information & personal guidance. I came across Nadia's expat assistance and must admit was a bit reluctant at first. I had not done anything like this before and was not sure it was worth the extra cost. However, i'm glad I didn't think too much about it and went for it! Nadia's assistance was invaluable- she carefully listened to our needs, did the research & came back with the information we were looking for very quickly! Any further questions-remarks were also welcomed- Did I mention what a friendly & down to earth person she is? Important traits to combine with professionalism!

Pela, Brugge


I contacted Expat Assistance The Hague because I had problems with work (I work in healthcare). My employer took my  vacation days away from me and even though I had some proof that they were not entitled to do so,  they did not make any attempt to rectify their mistake. Mrs Vial made a very clear report of my working hours and my vacation days and contacted the human resources department on my behalf and mailed them the calculation of my hours. She also contacted the legal helpdesk on my behalf and required information how I can proceed further if they did not respond to the first attempt of rectifying the hours. Luckily it was not necessary. Many emails and numerous phone contacts later, Mrs Vial made the human resources department very clear that I am entitled to my vacation days.  Several weeks later my manager gave in and even apologized to me and assigned me back my vacation days. This would not have been possible if Mrs Vial did not assisted me. She handled the whole situation very professional. I am very positive about Expat Assistance The Hague and absolutely recommend!

 Santana, The Hague


I work for Eurojust, an Agency of the European Union, located in The Hague; my husband is a retired teacher. In 2011 we bought a house. Since then we have had trouble with our co-owners. We contacted Mrs Vial through an advertisement she had placed. We asked for her mediation services. Mrs Vial studied the legal situation and came up with very precise information after an analysis of very complex documents such as cadaster, splitsingsakte, huishoudelijk reglement, etc. She reported regularly on her progress. She planned a detailed course of action, making clear what steps we could take. She contacted the local authorities on our behalf and arranged a meeting with a counsellor.

We are delighted with the support provided by Mrs Vial: she proved trustworthy, fully service-oriented and truly willing to help in any way possible, even beyond her specific assignments. For instance, Mrs Vial did not hesitate to accept our request to attend with us a VVE meeting called by the City Hall and to act as a translator (Dutch/English). We commend the services provided by Expat Assistance The Hague. Mrs Nadia Vial is there when you need her: helpful, experienced and efficient. 

Laura, The Hague


After a recommendation we contacted Nadia to help us with our installation in The Hague. Before actually moving in, Nadia provided us with information concerning the different neighbourhoods and in particular advised us about the neighbourhoods most adapted to our needs. This information was gathered quickly and very professionally. After moving in Nadia also assisted us when we needed to contact the “Gemeente” and when we had a problem with our internet connection. She contacted the phone company on our behalf and handled it very efficiently. We are still making use of her services and are very happy with the assistance she can provide us with. We definitely recommend the services of Expat Assistance The Hague

Jean, The Hague


Nadia helped me out with a complicated issue with a rental agency and gave me a great referral to an employment lawyer. As an ex-pat navigating through the red-tape in a new country, Nadia helped make my transition to The Netherlands simple and easy. I felt very supported in the process.

Marcy, The Hague


 I am a patent attorney from France. I contacted Expat Assistance The Hague to obtain a list of contacts of Dutch lawyers specializing in Intellectual property. Expat Assistance The Hague provided me very rapidly with the requested information in the form of a comprehensive and synthetic report, further providing me with additional information relating to the size and experience of the various law firms which were identified. I will not hesitate to contact Expat Assistance The Hague again, whenever I need professional contacts in the Netherlands.

Lionel, France


Je komt zelden een hulpverlener tegen die specifieke kennis en expertise op hulpverleningsgebied zo kundig kan vertalen naar de hulpvraag van cliënten.’ Nadia was vanaf 2003 mijn collega bij Bureau Jeugdzorg Haaglanden, we waren beiden werkzaam als gezinsvoogd/jeugdbeschermer. Een pittige werkomgeving, wat veel incasseringsvermogen en mensenkennis vroeg van ons als medewerkers. Ik heb Nadia leren kennen als een betrokken, deskundig en professioneel teamgenoot. Ik was vooral onder de indruk van haar werkervaring en de wijze waarop ze moeilijke cliënten en hun systeem begeleidde met ingewikkelde vraagstukken. Vanwege haar openheid en eigenschap om snel aansluiting te vinden bij cliënten, kon ze anderen goed motiveren en snel analyseren waar de knelpunten zaten. Nadia heeft daarnaast veel kennis over de sociale kaart van Den Haag en omgeving, specifieke wet- en regelgeving en mogelijkheden voor cliënten, waarmee ze gericht kan adviseren en begeleiden. Bovendien is ze zelf partner van een expat, dus ervaringsdeskundige. Nadia verdient mijn oprechte aanbeveling.

 Rosita, GZ-psycholoog Den Haag


Without a hesitation I can recommend Nadia as a person who would help you best regarding any kind of situation. She is very nice and helpful, always ready to solve your problem and give you the information you’d need. If I’d ever struggle in some situation again, I’m definitely going to use Nadia’s services.

 Martina, The Hague


Mrs Vial helped me very good to find a short stay appartment in The Hague. She has a good network and during the whole process she always kept me up to date about what was happening. All the information exchange went via email and within a week I had a place to stay. 

Otto, The Hague